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Scion tC RS1 Front Lip

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The Scion tC RS1 front lip for the 2005-2010 tC is made out of durable ABS plastic which is much stronger than the brittle fiberglass that most kits are made out of.

The Scion tC has great body lines which don't require dramatic body kits to make it look good. The new Scion tC RS1 front lip adds suttle aggressiveness to the look of the tC. This lip lowers the body line by approximately 1 inch so you wont have to worry about scraping on every driveway you go over.

The lip comes in an unpainted black ABS plastic material. A professional sand, prime, and paint job by your local body shop can have your Scion tC looking great with the Scion tC RS1 front lip. We recommend installation be performed by a professional body shop.

Local pickup is available in Baldwin Park, CA

Did you know that RS1 stands for Racing Solution 1? What this means is Racing Solution is the original manufacturer of the RS1 product. You can rest assure that when you purchase the RS1 front lip from us, you know that you are getting an authentic product; not some generic knockoff on ebay. We stand behind our products and we're confident you will be happy with it.


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Scion tC RS1 Front Lip Installation Guide (Scion_tC_RS2_Front_Lip_Installation.pdf, 1,485 Kb) [Download]