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Agency Power Unequal Length Header 02-12 WRX/STI

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The all new Agency Power stainless steel unequal length header kit is now available for your Subaru. A special designed collector enables perfect flow into the uppipe providing faster turbo spool and increased horsepower. The AP header features polished 304 stainless steel for a show quality finish. The header has CNC machined ½ inch thick flanges and includes everything you need to bolt directly on to your turbo Subaru. Installing the header will not only gain you about 15 wheel horsepower, it will also change the tone of your Boxer engine to a deeper and more aggressive sound.

Agency Power offers their unequal length header with or without their uppipe. Maximum gains can be found with their performance uppipe.

  • Note:
  • Head to uppipe gasket supplied

Fitment: 02-12 WRX/ 04-12 STi

Not CARB Legal: Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states.


Agency Power